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Installation of Python and Pyglet on Linux

On most Linux platforms Python is already installed, please check the Version (it should be 2.6, of it is older, make sure that “ctypes” is installed).

With your favorite package manager install

and probably also

  • PyGame alternate OpenGL-Binding
  • SPE Python IDE including Debugger
  • wxPython GUI-Library (for SPE)

(An excellent but very big alternative for the IDE is eclipse with Pydev)

This leaves us with

  • add Pyglet

to do this as fast as possible:

  • unpack into a temporary directory.
  • move all the files and directories from the “App”-directory to the directory $PYTHONHOME.

(the included dll-file is used for videocapturing on windows systems. It will never be used in linux, but there will be a matching ”.so”-file in the future to support video for linux (V4L2).

If you are ready, let's get started!

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