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Installation of Python and Pyglet on Windows

To install Python on Microsoft Windows with all the needed components for GLSL shader programming, I recommend Portable Python. The installer version for Python 2.7 is hier (about 45 MByte).

By running a single EXE file you get in a directory of your choice:

This is rather more than we need at the moment, but the packages are well selected - everything is there. Then add an integrated Development Environment with Debugger ( Stan's Python Editor SPE). Everything works out of a single directory without needing any other configuration. The directory may even reside on an USB stick.

(An excellent but very big alternative for the IDE is eclipse with Pydev)

This leaves us with adding just Pyglet and - to do this as fast as possible:

  • simply unpack into the directory where Portable Python resides (that's where “App” is).
That was fast ! Was that fast ? I think that was fast.

…and on to Example 1!.

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