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This site's philosophy

By making my coding publicly available, I want to thank the internet community and give back a litte something in return.

Because I want to publish working programs, I test the programs on graphics cards of different vendors, age and price under Linux, Windows XP and Windows 7 (I have no access to a Mac, sorry).

I can not give any guarantees that the programs work for you, your computer or that you will be happy ever after. My programs demonstrate (for educational purposes, and for free !) what you can do with GLSL on Python. I (currently) do not libraries myself, I simply use the stuff I find. So here are demo programs that I made trying to find out how Python, Pyglet, OpenGL and GLSL work.

If someone is interested how I manage this website: I use Dokuwiki on Linux and from there I generate static pages by Bash scripts :-) for the webserver (no server side programs there - so hacking the site is rather useless).

Another thing you may find: not-so-good english, because I translate it myself.

A Word on Pygame

I have started my Python/OpenGL experiments with Pygame, but did not need most of it's functionality.

I have learned a lot about OpenGL in a Python Environment from the book "Game Development with Python and Pygame" - it gives a good introduction to Python, Pygame and OpenGL (maybe ignoring PyGame's 2D-features a litte - this does not bother me).

Pygame is based on the SDL-Library and provides a rich environment for Game Programming, but needs a lot of libraries installed. Pyglet on the other hand is a thin “100% pure Python” Layer for OpenGL - well, almost.

This means that Pyglet based programms should (and do!) run without change on every Python (with ctypes, currently I use Python 2.6) you will find. It incorporates now even Sound Support, so it's feature list (and the list of necessary libraries, sorry) could increasingly overlap with Pygame's in the future.

I believe that most programs I present here can easily be ported from Pyglet to Pygame (but I did not try).

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