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PythonStuff - the fast road to OpenGL and GLSL

is about using the OpenGL Shader Language GLSL with the free and open Python Library Pyglet.

(Hier ist die deutschsprachige Version)

I finally decided to put my GLSL experiments online - as an inspiration to other programmers. Hopefully this will be evolving into an “intermediate level tutorial” for Shader Programming in GLSL.

This is all free and open source - use it at your own risk and have fun with it !

I use the free software tools I found best for me to make graphics applications. I found Pyglet when I was looking for

  • Rapid Prototyping for Graphics Applications
  • OpenGL Programming with GLSL
  • Cross Plattform OpenGL Support (Windows, Linux, perhaps others)
  • Easy Installation (preferably USB-Stick portable)

Let us begin:

148DAL93PntFgkC4K4JDGmZDW5Wt7CgPyn If you find Bugs, Improvements or just want to say hello: write to pythonstuff_at_gmx_dot_at.

You can even spend your Bitcoins here: 148DAL93PntFgkC4K4JDGmZDW5Wt7CgPyn

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